Traglast, a free finite-element-solver for 2D-static problems

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About traglast

Traglast is a small finite-element solver for linear static problems with 2D structures. You can also calculate boundary loads of steam-beam-constructions by using a nonlinear algorithm. Currently Traglast supports 2D-beam-elements with joints, joints only at one end of the beam and joings on both sides of the elements.
To create your structures Traglast provides a simple GUI for pre- and post-processings based on a MFC GUI. SO you can create your own models, start the calculation and view your primary and secundary results.
Traglast uses the GPL license.

Quick start

At first get the windows-installer at Sourceforge and install Traglast for win32. Now start it and you should see the Win32-GUI for traglast:

Create nodes:
To create a simple model select Struktur->Koordinaten erzeugen->Knoten erzeugen. Enter at first two coordinates at 0.0, 0.0 with a boundary condition in x, y and around the x axis. Now create another node at 10.0, 0 withound any boundary conditions.

Create a material:
Open Struktur->Material->Material erzeugen and a dialog for the material input will be opened. Now enter the data for your material. You can also define a plastic moment for the boundary load computation.

Create elements
Select Struktur->Elemente->Numerisch to open the Create-Element-dialog. Enter the start and the end-node, choose the number of elements to create. At last select your material and close the dialog by pressing OK.

Define loadings
Select Strutur->Lasten->Einzeleinwirkung erzeugen to open the loading dialog. Now select the direction of the load, enter the value and select a node for your loading. Close the dialog by pressing Ok.

Start the calculation
Select Berechhnung->Berechnung starten to open the calculation-dialog. Now click on Optionen and select "Berechnung nach Theorie 1. Ordung". Click on OK and click on Berechnung starten. If everything was right you should see a dialog withe the estimated time for your calculation.

Check your results
Select Berechnung->Ergebnisse and select each possible point to see the deformation and the inner forces of your structure.

Getting help

If you need some support, look at the following places:Getting help


You can download Traglast for Win32 at Sourceforge. A linux version is in planning, but not finished yet.

Contact us

For any questions just visit our project website Sourceforge